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Experience a unique blend of innovative global network and business performance monitoring tools, coupled with our groundbreaking low-code/no-code Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) management solution.


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Get full digital control, maximize your network speed and stability, experience unprecedented cost-effectiveness and effortless deployment, upgrade your administrative workflow.


Experience a 360-degree view of your digital infrastructure. Monitor the uptime, predict system issues and safeguard reputation globally, customizing scanning frequency, and choosing your alerts.


Resource Usage


CVE Security

Network Tools

Try our suite of free on-demand network tools to boost your global digital management. Safeguard your IP/domain reputation, check your network speed and stability, and get comprehensive domain name information.

Blacklist Checker

Ping Latency

Domain lookup

Surprize tools

IAAS Management

Enjoy our efficient, Kubernetes based, multi-cloud management across top providers, with seamless deployments, versatile templates, Docker support, and easy provider switching. From single VMs to high-availability setups, we ensure cost-effective, high-performance real-time resource adjustments.

Infrastructure Setup Automation

Code Deployment Automation

App Template Marketplace

Custom Deployments

Business Management

Revolutionize your business operations, with simplified invoicing, effective project management, and integrated communication. We empower your focus on business growth and productivity.


Project Management

Team Management

Finance Reporting

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Real time data.

Just as your customers never sleep, your website shouldn't either. Experience the power of real-time data management! Sign up for our beta today and revolutionize your cloud and business operations with the complete suite of Admin Tools!


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Are you a business owner, developer, or a software company looking to streamline your operations? Look no further! Admin Tools is designed with you in mind.

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The voices of our customers speak volumes more than we ever could. Check out some noteworthy experiences they had with Admin Tools.

Ever since we started using the Blacklist service, it has significantly reduced the workload on my team and we’ve been able to cut our abuse department in half, automating most of the manual tasks.


Ion Cena

CEO - Cena Industries

Before I discovered Admin Tools, I was using AWS’s cloud infrastructure. Now, I’m saving hundreds of dollars each month because I’ve chosen and easily migrated to the most suitable infrastructure recommended for my project, directly through IAAS Management. I highly recommend Admin Tools for anyone looking to optimize their infrastructure management and cut costs without compromising on performance or security.


George Washington

CEO - DC Industries

After testing the Uptime service, I found out that my website wasn’t even accessible in some areas where I was paying for advertising. I resolved the issue and it helped me a lot in optimizing my marketing campaign.


Angela More

CTO - Web for People

Admin Tools has been a game-changer for our organization. The platform’s intuitive interface and robust functionality have enabled us to manage our IT infrastructure with an efficiency we never thought possible. From user management to system monitoring, every aspect of our operations has been significantly improved.


Max Trondheim

Web Admin - Servers for Society

I always had problems with my domain, especially when I was trying to send emails to clients. I was extremely surprised when I found out through the Admin Tools domain-health checker that the domain I had just bought actually had a malicious past, and I received practical recommendations to remedy the situation. If it wasn’t for Admin Tools, I don’t know if I would have ever detected this problem.


Angela More

CTO - Web for People

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